Lefteris Arvanitis  is an artist by nature, seeking  beauty and truth in all aspects of his  life. He dove into many different  creative fields until he discovered  photography at the late 80’s. He  stepped into this new, beautiful world  with much enthusiasm and passion and it was not long before he started  combining photography with his deep love for music.The  decisive  moment in his career was the concert of Bjork in Athens in  1995. He  began taking pictures of Jazz, Blues, Rock and Ethnic artists,  always  looking for that unique moment when the artist is lost in his  music, to  capture the passion and the power within. His photos always  reveal a  truth about the musician’s nature and that is what makes them   unique.Lefteris Arvanitis work, called “Portraits in Music”,  consists of portraits of famous Jazz, Blues, Rock and World musicians  in unique moments, and the collection is growing every day. His work has  been published in newspapers and magazines and he had a long   professional co-operation with the Jazz & Tzaz magazine and has   participated in five joint and three personal photo exhibitions.

Artist Statement

From  an early age, I have been fascinated by people’s creative expression.  In my youth, I was involved in many different creative fields, but never  felt completely ulfilled. Then, at the end of the 80’s, finding myself  with a camera in my hands, I discovered a new world that was full of  beauty. At the beginning of the 90’s, the moment came when I was able to  combine the art of photography with my other love, music and I  gradually started to take photographs at concerts in small venues, until  my first ‘big’ concert, with Bjork in Athens in 1995.  Since then, I  have been present at musical performances and my work has been published  in newspapers and magazines.  I have a long-standing professional  co-operation with Jazz & Τζαζ magazine and have participated in five  joint and three personal photographic exhibitions (Technopolis twice, Sani Art Gallery, Cultural Foundation of Tinos twice ,Bacaro Athens Jazz  Bar twice and "J&H Vatis" Gallery in Syros). I am  continually discovering the power of creativity, not only through my  music portraits, but also by photographing weddings and sports events  and by taking photographs on my travels, both in Greece and abroad. This page has been created as a way for more people  to become acquainted with my work and I would be elighted to provide  you with more details.

 Thank you very much and I hope  you enjoy my photographs.

Lefteris Arvanitis 


Lefteris Arvanitis Photography

Lefteris Arvanitis is an Athens City based photographer specializing in concert and action photography
mob: +30 6977 26 4870